Honesty Homes, LLC

Honesty Homes, LLC

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Leading the Way in the Hartford Real Estate Market

Real Estate Solutions for Everyone

When it comes to superior real estate solutions, count on Honesty Homes, LLC in Hartford, Connecticut. We are backed by experience and tools to help homeowners, sellers, buyers, investors, and real estate agents in purchasing and selling various types of residential property. We take pride in our industry-specific knowledge to help you to make informed decisions to suit your situation. Rest assured that we’ll make your experience with us a reliable investment.

Company Profile

Founded and owned by Luis Ortiz, our company purchases, sells, and rents residential properties. Our team is dedicated to developing neighborhoods and reviving areas that we work in. We hope to help you or the agent you chose to represent you get the most out of your investments.

As a premier real estate business, we purchase, renovate, and resell homes at market value. We also specialize in wholesaling such properties. Because we honor the seriousness and value of selling or purchasing a home, we are always dedicated to bring honest deals to the table every time. We are investors who sincerely care not only for our investment profits but for all parties involved as well.

Working With the Best

Our main focus is to buy distressed homes at a discounted price that makes sense to invest. We put renovated houses on the market that can attract numerous potential buyers. To do this, we work with some of the best in the real estate industry.

We are certified mastery students at Fortune Builders. At the same time, we work closely with Connected Investors, the the largest Real Estate Network in the world created by Ross Hamilton and Mike Hill (The Wholesaling Titan). Although we are already well-versed in the real estate business, that does not stop us from wanting to learn more as long as we are in this business.

Committed to Prompt and Reliable Service

Honesty Homes moves swiftly to unlock you from financial hardship. We provide you with clear-cut deals that will net you a comfortable profit, which you can use to pay your way out of debt caused by your property.

Our company renovates multiple properties within your neighborhood. We are well prepared in dealing with all kinds of scenarios, whether it is foreclosure, short sale, or real estate owned (REO). We work diligently to obtain properties for hardworking families who are experiencing financial hardships. It is our goal to turn a sad situation into a happy ending.

Our Work Process

When we work with potential buyers, we guide them as they purchase a distressed property at a discounted price. From here, we remodel/renovate the selected property to their liking before selling it to them. This setup allows the buyers to have a say in their future dream home while knowing beforehand what the property will be worth after repairs have been made. Once the project is completed, they will sign a contract to formalize the transaction.

Mission Statement

Honesty Homes renovates homes with the satisfaction of our future buyers in mind. We go above and beyond to achieve that “Wow” factor that would cause an “I want this house now” effect! We are deeply passionate about bringing our clients’ dreams to life.

Essentially, we want you to feel secure when dealing with us. You should feel safe when deciding to go into business with trustworthy investors who genuinely care and protect all parties involved with every deal that takes place. We are genuinely invested in renovating blighted properties within and around our neighboring communities that currently have depreciating real estate markets.